The state of innovation in the Asset Management Industry

Asset managers must navigate a rapidly evolving landscape by embracing innovation across various fronts, such as sustainable investing, portfolio management decisions, reporting, regulatory compliance, and client engagement.

Main drivers of innovation in Asset Management industry

If asset managers take a clear-eyed perspective and embed innovation into their organization’s DNA, they could emerge as winners in 2025.” Asset Managers’ executives see innovation as a key driver : differentiating factor, innovative strategies and value chain.

Current challenges of Asset Management industry

In a context of rising interest rates and inflation superior to central banks targets, the asset management sector is subject to a variety of pressures, both short-term and originating from long-term trends:

  • Growth no longer guaranted
  • More popular passive management
  • Commissions erode
  • Expenses on the rise
  • New products last less
  • ESG Rise

How to overcome those challenges through few use cases 

  1. Portfolio management and investment decision
  2. ESG : scores, controversies and reporting
  3. Robo Advisor for clients
  4. Automated Reporting
  5. Automation of booking controls
  6. Blockchain – fund distribution
  7. ALM checks
  8. KYC automation

Use Cases Template Study

We identified several use cases to be analysed, identified the current situation, described potential improvements based on the selected solutions and the added value of the proposed use case.