Improving CSR performance in response to regulations

How to effectively address CSR challenges while meeting sustainability reporting obligations ?

Enhance performance’s sustainability through CSR by reconciling compliance, commitment, and visibility: a challenge we are ready to take alongside you.

By mobilizing our expertise in financecompliance, and data management, we support you in framingdeploying, and monitoring the environmental and socialpillars of your CSR:

  • In the definition of your objectives and actions plan taking in to account relevant referential (GRI, TCFD, etc.)
  • For their implementation within business and support units (purchasing charter, social and employees policies, carbon impact in particular)
  • By the optimization of your reporting, in line with European (ESRS/CSRD) and local regulations, and the targeted labels (Ecovadis, UN Pact, B Corp, etc.).

CSR is a new business performance driver

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the commitment of businesses to act ethically and contribute to the social and environmental well-being of their stakeholders and communities.

Main Stakes

  • Sponsorship at top management level
  • Communication on CSR is key
  • Involvement of employees and stakeholders is important to reach CSR strategic objectives and coordinate all initiatives
  • Selection of relevant KPI that are informative, impactful

Address different sustainability initiatives

Some sustainability reporting are mandatory and may show a bad economic, environmental, social and governance performance affecting the company’s image. These reporting concern different subjects that exist in the referential and can be proven by CSR labels

From CSR voluntary initiatives to sustainability regulatory requirements (and vice-versa)

To build a robust CSR system, it is necessary to adopt a holistic approach that take into account reporting, referential and labels.

CSR framework is composed of voluntary elements while ESRS are mandatory for reporting. CSR framework and ESRS treat business conduct, environmental and social subjects. Therefore, a company may use CSR framework to do the mandatory reporting or use the reporting to adapt it’s CSR framework.

  1. CSR framework
  2. Sustainability reporting (CSRD/ESRS)

Our areas of expertise

  • CSR main stakes and sustainability approach
  • CSR labels and referentials
  • Focus on CSR data and sustainability reporting

Holistic and comprehensive approach for CSR and sustainability regulatory reporting

  • CSR Framework definition
  • CSR Framework implementation
  • CSR monitoring and ESG reporting